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Our flagship service at Akademia Tuition is the provision of one-to-one tuition sessions.  


As schools become busier and the needs of the academic curriculum become increasingly demanding, teachers may find it more challenging to allocate sufficient time and resources to cover the needs of all the students in their classes.  This is where individual tuition can help the students reach their academic goals, while supporting the students' learning experiences in school, either by reinforcing lessons learnt or making sure that students know their materials ahead of time so that they can make the most of learning opportunities in the school environment.


The tuition sessions at Akademia are tailored to the specific needs of the individual students, offering an opportunity for students to approach topics in an individualised manner, identifying and eliminating weaknesses as necessary.  The sessions also offer the opportunity for students to ask questions that they may otherwise not have the chance to in large classes, and getting comprehensive answers from experts in the field. Misunderstandings can be quickly identified and corrected, while building on the foundations laid by the teachers in schools.  

The sessions will not only allow students to completely understand the concepts being taught to them at school, but will also give them more confidence as they move on to more demanding materials in the course of their studies.

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