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IB results 2023

Akademia Tuition would like to congratulate the following students, from possibly the biggest graduating cohort


Davina Ho from SIS, who scored a 44 including a level-7 in chemistry HL. Davina will be attending HKU med-school in the upcoming September;

Michelle Tse, from ISF, who scored a 44 including a level 7 in maths. Michelle will be heading to Oxford University to pursue studies in English

Gabriel Ho, from DBS, who scored a 43, including level-7s in physics/chemistry/maths AA -- all HL. Gabriel will be studying engineering in Cambridge University;

Justin Cheng, from DBS, who scored a 43, including a level 7 in math AAHL. Justin will be going to London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) to study PPE;

Isabella Cheung, from GSIS, who scored a 43, including a level 7 in maths. Isabelle will also be attending HKU med-school in September


The following students all scored 40+ points:

Warren Cheong, from GSIS, who scored level 7s in Physics  HLand maths AAHL. Warren will be pursuing Engineering studies at UC Irvine;

Candace Lam, from GSIS, who scored level 7s in maths and biology. Candace has been accepted to study business at Northwestern University;

Andy Yeung, from St. Stephens College, who scored  a level 7 in physics. Andy will be studying IT management for business in the University of Manchester;

Johathan Yau, from St. Stephen's College, who scored a 7 (A) in biology Extended Essay. Jonathan will be studying global business in HKU;

Charlotte Wong, from ISF, who scored  level 7s in maths and physics. Charlotte will be studying film and media at Loyola Mount University;

Jonathan Kuan, from South Island school, scoring level-7s in physics/chemistry/maths AA -- all HL  . Jonathan will be attending University of Toronto for engineering studies.

Natasha Lam, from GSIS, who scored a level-7 in maths. Natasha will be pursuing further studies at Vanderbilt University

Beatrix Lepsoe, from GSIS, who scored a level-7 in maths in fulfulling her Uni admission requirement.


Akademia tuition would like to wish all of you the best in University and future endeavors.

IB results 2022

Akademia woud like to congratulate our 2022 IB graduates, who produced another year of solid results.

Congratulations go to our regular students:

  • Hector Wong, from ISF, who scored 44, including 7s in Chemistry HL, Biology HL, Maths, and an A in his Biology EE. Hector is heading for studies in University of Manchester;

  • Anika Ip from GSIS. Anika scored 42, including a 7 in Maths HL. Anika will be pursuing engineering studies in Imperial College London;

  • Isis Lee, from LPCUWC, who scored 40, including a 7 in Maths. Isis will continue her academic career at the University of Toronto;

  • Vanessa Tse and Jaden Cheng, both from GSIS, who fulfilled their admission requirements and will be off to UK to pursue university studies.

Congratulations also go to Olivia Du, from GSIS, who scored a perfect 45. Olivia will be pursuing veterinary studies in Cambrdige University.

We wish all our students lots of success in their future endeavours .

IB results 2021

Despite the difficulties and uncertainties stemming from Covid-19, Akademia and its students has had another stellar year, thanks to the solid work of its tutors and students.

Congratulations to the following students who achieved the full 45 in their IB examinations:

  • Clare Wong of SPCC, scoring 7s in History HL and Biology. Clare will be heading to Cambridge University;

  • Estella Song of St. Stephen's College, scoring 7s in Maths HL and Physics. Estella will be pursuing studies at Smith College in the United States; and

  • Valerie Chung of GSIS, scoring a 7 in Chemistry HL. Valerie will be studying medicine at HKU.

Our congratulations also go to:

  • Kailan Sharpless, from West Island School, who scored 7s in Maths HL and Physics HL. Kailan will be pursuing Mathematics at St. Andrew's University; and

  • Laetitia Cheung, from GSIS who scored a 43, including a 7 in Maths HL

We wish them and all our students the best for their future endeavours at their universities.

IB results 2020

2020 has not been a kind year to many, but our IB graduates have persevered through a year of disrupted learning, scoring well and meeting their offers.

Congratulations go to a long list of candidates who scored 44 points, including Justin Chan, from Victoria Shanghai Academy - scoring 7s in Maths, Chemistry HL and Biology HL. Justin has been accepted to attend the HKU School of Medicine;

A long list of German Swiss International School graduates are also within striking distance of perfection:

  • Charlotte Chen, scored 7s in Maths, Chemistry HL, and Biology HL. Charlotte has been accepted by HKU School of Medicine, UC Berkeley, and UCLA.

  • Elina Rawat, scored 7s in Maths HL, Physics HL, and Chemistry. Elina has been accepted by Northwestern University;

  • Abby Sze, scored 7s in Physics HL and Maths. Abby will be going to London School of Economics to pursue her university studies;

  • Rachel Wan, scored 7s in Maths and Chemistry. Rachel has been accepted by University of Chicago;

  • Longhim Lui, scored 7s in Physics HL, Chemistry HL, and Maths HL. Longhim will be studying Mathematics at UCL; and

  • Jacky Yan, scored 7s in Chemistry HL and Biology HL. Jacky has been accepted to study Medicine at HKU this upcoming September.

Congratulations also go to the following high-achieving GSIS graduates:

  • Janice To, who scored a 43 including 7 in Maths and Chemistry HL. Janice has been accepted by the HKU School of Medicine;

  • Adrian Wong, who scored a 43 and will be attending HKU School of Medicine; and

  • Jody Cheng, who will be studying Medicine at Imperial College.

Our congratulations also go to:

  • Thomas Hu from LPCUWC, who has been accepted into UC Berkeley;

  • Ryan Fung of CDNIS, who will be pursuing Engineering Studies at the University of Southampton;

  • Shannon Lo of GSIS, who will be studying Science at the University of British Columbia

Outstanding Results for Akademia’s new Trinity College London English course!

We are delighted to announce that after completing a 12 week Trinity College GESE (Graded Examinations in Spoken English) course, all Kindergarten candidates were awarded Distinctions. 

The Kindergarten class was directed by Dr. Mark Ellwood, who is Akademia's specialist in guiding students at all age-levels to develop their English language skills. Trinity College London is renowned for providing a comprehensive range of carefully graded exams in English, Drama, and Music.  
To follow up this success, Mark is embarking on a new course for Trinity London Drama and Speech exams, with a focus on solo renditions of prose and poetry from memory. Small groups in Phonics and Cambridge English Starters are also taught throughout the year.

For further information on these and other courses, please get in touch via the details found on the Contacts page of this website.

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-19 at

IB results 2019 

In 2019, Akademia scholars continued to follow the tradition of producing excellent IB results.

Congratulations go to Jocelyn Wong from GSIS, who scored a perfect 45, including a 7 in Biology HL. Jocelyn will be attending the prestigious medical school in University of Hong Kong.

Also graduating from GSIS with excellent results is Saoirse Berry, who scored a 44 including a 7 in Physics HL. Saoirse will be studying engineering at Imperial College of London.

Congratulations also go to.....

- Ian Chow, from Chinese International School, who scored a 42 in satisfying admission requirements to HKU faculty of Dentistry;

- Alison Yip, from Singapore International School, who scored a 7 in HL physics in satisfying admission requirements to study architecture at HKU;

- Chloe Chan, from Island School, who fulfilled admission requirements, with scholarship. to study business at HKU.

We wish all our graduates best of luck as they begin their university life and studies.

2018 IB , A-level and senior-student results - Continued Excellence

Akademia scholars enjoyed another successful year in public exams.

Congratulations go to Harriet Kwok and Karisa Tan from GSIS. Harriet obtained a perfect 45 for her IB scores, including 7s in tough STEM subjects such as Chemistry HL, Biology HL and Maths, as well as a grade-A extended essay in Biology. Harriet has been accepted into the prestigious HKU faculty of medicine. Karisa, meanwhile, scored a 42 - she also got 7-7-7 in Biology HL, Chemistry HL and Maths, and will be studying psychology at the University of Oxford.

Congratulations also go to IB graduates Veronica Chang, Tanya Tam and Bryan Lee, who all scored 40+ points in fulfilling their university offers.

Congratulations also go to Steffi Chan, who graduated from SPCS with A* in A-level Maths, Chemistry and Biology. Steffi will be pursuing studies in Biomedicine at King's College of London.

Akademia would also like to congratulate Theresa Ho, who graduated from HKIS with top, level-5 scores in AP chemistry and calculus. Theresa will be studying Business at the University of Toronto.

We wish all of our graduates lots of success in the future as they complete the high-school milestone and being a new page in life.


2017 - Another Outstanding Year for our IB and A-level Graduates

2017 was another successful year for Akademia IB scholars.

Congratulations go to Charlotte Chan and Kristen Lam from GSIS, who both obtained a perfect 45 for their IB scores. Charlotte will be pursuing further studies at HKU in Dentistry, while Kristen has been admitted to the University of Chicago. We wish both of them the very best of luck in their university studies.

Also headed to HKU for Dentistry is Justin Law, who was able to meet his demanding conditional offer with an outstanding A-level results in the Sciences.

We would also like to add our congratulations to Dorothy Leung from CDNIS. Dorothy scored a 43,  including 7s in Maths HL, Chemistry HL, Physics, as well as a grade A in her Mathematics Extended Essay. Dorothy will be pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering at Cornell University.

Last but not least, our congratulations must also go to CDNIS graduates Andrew Lin, Elliot Chiu, and Valerie Lieou who all fulfilled their admission requirements for top Canadian universities: McGill University, University of Toronto, and Queen's University, respectively.

We wish all of our former students the best of luck and great success in all their future endeavours, whether in Hong Kong or abroad.

2016 - An Outstanding Year for our IB Graduates

2016 was a stellar year for Akademia IB students, as can be seen from the outstanding results:

- Garrick Wan, graduated from South Island School with a perfect 45, including a 7–7–7 in Maths–Physics–Chemistry. Garrick has gone on to attend the London School of Economics.

- Bryan Yu, from the German-Swiss International School (GSIS), scored a 44, including a 7 in Maths HL. Bryan will be attending medical school at HKU.

- Nicole Chan, a graduate from Singapore International School, also received a 44, including 7s in Maths-Chemistry-Biology, thereby fulfilling all the conditions for her to attend medical school at HKU.

- Melody Fu, from Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School, also scored a 44, with 7s in Maths–Chemistry–Biology, as well as a well-written "Model Biology Extended Essay" for her school. Melody will be pursuing further studies in biology at the University of British Columbia in Canada.

- Maxine Kwan, from the German-Swiss International School, achieved a 43 in spite of the grueling IB HL subject combination she had chosen: Physics-Chemistry-Mathematics. Maxine is continuing her studies at Carnegie Mellon University in the United States.

​We would like to thank the above students for their kind permission to post their impressive results on our website.  

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