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Our name, Akademia, is derived from the school that was established by Plato in ancient Athens.  


Built amongst olive groves that were sacred to Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, the Akademia provided a venue for the teaching and debate of diverse subjects including Mathematics and Philosophy, including what later became known as 'Natural Philosophy' - to us now better known as Science. 


The Akademia produced a number of distinguished alumni who helped to lay down the foundations of modern-day Western civilisation and knowledge, such as Aristotle.


Aristotle later established his own Athenian school (the Lyceum) and was appointed tutor to Prince Alexander of Macedon, who later became Alexander the Great.


At Akademia, we aim to recreate the same atmosphere for academic improvement and excellence of our ancient Greek namesake.  


Specialising in providing private, tailor-made, one-to-one tuition, we have an international team of highly experienced tutors, all of whom are specialists in their fields, having obtained at least a Bachelor degree in their subjects, often from world-renowned universities, such as Oxford University and Cambridge University in the United Kingdom.


All of us strive to cater for individual students' strengths and needs, regardless of whether they hail from a Hong Kong international school or a British or American boarding school. Through our provision of effective academic assistance, advice, and consultation for students aspiring for higher levels of academic achievements, we aim (to paraphrase Sir Isaac Newton) to help students see further, on the shoulders of giants.

Apart from the traditional face-to-face tuition sessions, Akademia also offers interactive, on-line, one-to-one tuition and group lessons on the Internet.


Conducted through a state-of-the-art Internet-based interface, this platform is a convenient arrangement that gives students great flexibility in attending tuition sessions from the comfort and safety of their own homes (whether they are based on Hong Kong Island or the British Isles).


At the same time, the platform allows Akademia to source great tutors from across the globe, who may otherwise be unavailable for the traditional face-to-face tutorials.




The founder of Akademia, Ms. Cecilia Foo, holds a First Class Honours Degree in Mathematics from Oxford University.


After successfully completing her studies in Britain, Cecilia returned to Hong Kong in 2002 and briefly worked in the billings department at Baker and McKenzie, before combining her business and academic know-how to set up a tuition business, with the view of not only improving student’s grades but also broadening students’ horizons so that they can achieve their full potential in life.


With this ethos, the tuition business prospered with a stable of tutors recruited primarily from like-minded graduates from Oxbridge and, later on, Ivy League universities.  Cecilia later sold the company to an interested business partner and experimented on the potential of on-line tuition platforms as a method to improve outreach and increase service flexibility for both tutors and students.


Thus Cecilia has had more than a decade of experience in running a tuition business handling a wide array of international syllabuses, including  GCSEs, IGCSEs, A/S and A-levels, International Baccalaureate, Pre-U, SAT, AP Calculus, and the Middle Years Programme.  

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