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Self-study / Private Candidates


Akademia will provide one-on-one lessons to home-schooled students who wish to self-learn or need to sit for one or more IGCSE, A-level, or IB subject.  We can also provide support for SAT, AP, and any other entrance examinations.    


Tutors at Akademia have successfully tutored students with backgrounds in homeschooling and self-study, who successfully took on A-level, GCSE, SAT reasoning and SAT subject tests.  We can also support the self-study efforts of students who wish to take exams before the usual times set by schools or in subjects that are not covered by schools.  Our tutors will produce customised notes, worksheets, and exercises in order to simulate the school learning environments and interactions that students may have missed.


Private candidates will receive free consultation, advices on course planning and exam registration process.


Our past success stories include:


  • A self-study student who achieved 2 A*s in IGCSE Maths and Additional Maths

  • A gifted child who self-studied achieved an A* in A/S Chemistry

  • A self-study student who achieved an A in the Mechanics-1 module under the Edexcel Mathematics syllabus

  • A self-study student who achived an A in IGCSE Thai

  • A self-study student who achieved A* in CIE IGCSE Chemistry after learning the full course in just 1 year

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