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We are currently offering the following intensive revision courses for Year 10, Year 11, and IB students for mathematics, as well as the science subjects.  Please click on the link below to jump to the course that you are interested in.

STEM University Admission Test Courses

Year 9-to-10 / Pre-IGCSE Courses

Year 10-to-11 IGCSE Exam-Preparatory Courses

IB Preparatory Courses

IB Revision Courses

STEM University Admission Test Course

Our STEM University Admission Test courses are tailored for capable students who wish to apply for and study STEM subjects at highly prestigious UK universities. Entrance exams such as Physics Aptitude test (PAT), Maths Aptitude test (MAT) and Engineering Admissions Assessment (ENGAA) represent the first hurdle that applicants need to clear; our course focuses on preparing students for efficient exam-style problem solving, which will increase the chance of the student being granted an interview from these world-class universities.

Instructor: Mr. Dylan Murray

Year 10 Pre-GCSE

Year 9-to-10 / Pre-IGCSE Introductory Science Course

This course is aimed at providing students, who will typically enroll in Edexcel triple-science or CIE triple-science for their IGCSE studies, with a solid foundation of mathematical skills and understanding of scientific principles, and their applications in problem solving. Akademia tuition hopes to not only prepare


The first half of this course involves the development of mathematical skills, examples of the scientific method, data presentation and analysis. The second half of this course will feature an account of science at the microscopic scale, and its connection to macroscopic observations.


Akademia's highly experienced tutors have developed extensive notes, handouts and worked examples that will provide students with a clear understanding of all aspects of science, allowing them to systematically solve a wide range of scientific problems.


The course can be delivered on a 1–to–1 basis or a group setting.  Please download our .pdf file for further information on the range of topics covered in the course.

Instructor: Dr. Jenkins Tsang

IGCSE Year 11

Year 10-to-11 IGCSE Triple-Science (EdExcel, IGCSE) Revision-course

These courses aim to provide students with thorough guided revision on a range of customisable, Year-10 and pre–IGCSE topics.  Students and/or parents can choose from our comprehensive list of authentic, tailor–made course materials designed by our in-house experts according to two different official Edexcel and CIE syllabi.


A standard course may feature 6 to 12 hours of guided revision on fundamental topics, 2 to 3 lessons on Year 11-topics, and plenty of calculations and exam-style explanations using technical terms. Students will be pre-evaluated based on their performance on a customised multiple-choice test, with questions exclusively based on topics that the students should have already covered at school. Students and parents will then be consulted in order to determine the exact content and the relative weight of the topics within the course.


Akademia's highly experienced tutors have developed extensive notes and handouts that completely cover all syllabus topics, and will be able to help students grasp abstract scientific concepts and teach them how to systematically solve a wide range of scientific problems.


The course can be delivered on a 1–to–1 basis or a group setting.  Please download our .pdf file for further information on the range of topics covered in the course.

Instructor: Dr. Jenkins Tsang

Year 11 IGCSE Further Maths (EdExcel) / Additional Maths (0606, CIE) Revision-course

These two math courses are truly challenging courses that will stretch students to their limit in terms of utilising their entire arsenal of mathematical skills. Akademia's experienced and insightful tutors will showcase their systematic and organised problem-solving prowess to aspiring students aiming for an A* (low 90s and high 80s for CIE and Edexcel, respectively).  Our revision course will equip typically above-average students with skills that will serve them well, not only for their further maths / additional maths exams, but also for their IB or A–level studies.

Please refer to the .pdf file below for further information on the range of topics covered in the course.


Tutors: Ms. Cecilia Foo or Dr. Jenkins Tsang

IB Preparatory courses - Intensive Mathematics course, Integrated science-and-math course

IB Preparatory courses

Our summer pre-IB course is designed to help students who have just completed their IGCSE or IB-MYP studies, and are preparing for the big jump to IB-level studies where the scope of knowledge required is broader and deeper, leading to much more challenging exams. 

With our natural talents, passion in mathematics, effective communication skills and vast teaching experience, Akademia experts have been able to strengthen the mathematical ability of students. Our success stories range from novice students making great leaps in their progresses, to above average students getting another boost and vaulted to the very top of the year group.

Being well aware of the great leap between IGCSE–level mathematics and IB mathematics, Akademia experts have developed a summer series of mathematics, involving rigorous training of algebra, graphing and interpretation skills – three indispensable aspects of every single math exams at the IB level. We want our students to build on their IGCSE–level knowledge and develop a firm grasp of basic mathematical principles, such as equation solving, functions, graph sketching, and real–life application of mathematics. Our ultimate goal is to well–prepare students for independent multiple–step problem solving, a skill that will prove highly useful throughout a student's IB diploma studies.

Akademia has also developed an integrated science course, targeted at students vying for 2 or more IB science subjects in preparation for a scientific career, such as in medicine or engineering. We hope to help students develop a firm connection between mathematics and sciences, and teach students how to apply common mathematical skills within scientific problem solving.

For more information on the course contents, please refer to the .pdf files attached below.

IB1 Intensive revision course

IB Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics (Higher and Standard Levels) Intensive Revision Courses

These courses are aimed at providing students with an opportunity to thoroughly revise their 1st–year IB topics during fully-customisable tutorial sessions, according to the request of students and/or parents. The course will also allow students to "catch up and patch up" – address misunderstandings that they may have accrued during their first year of IB studies.

Students will be pre-evaluated based on their performance on a customized multiple-choice test, with a mix of adapted IB past exam questions and in-house questions. These questions are exclusively based on topics that students should have covered at school.  Samples of the diagnostic tests can be found on our Resources page.

A standard course will feature 9 hours of revisions on typical first year school topics.  Please download the relevant file(s) below for further details on the topics covered, as well as for samples of materials typically provided to our students.

Tutors: Ms. Cecilia Foo and/or Dr. Jenkins Tsang

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