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At Akademia Tuition, we offer a comprehensive range of services for all your academic needs.  Whether you prefer to study on a one-to-one basis, in a small class, or in special, intensive courses, our tutors at Akademia Tuition are ready to cater to all of your requirements.


Currently, we offer tuition in the following subjects at our office: Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, English Language (including IELTS preparation), English Literature, History and Physics.  We also offer the following Arts subjects exclusively on our on-line platform: Classical Civilisation, Latin, and Mandarin Chinese.

For further details, please select the tab of the service that you are interested in.




Currently, Akademia Tuition specialises in offering tuition in the sciences and mathematics, although we can also offer tuition in Arts subjects exclusively through our on-line platform.  The majority of our students are taking IGCSE, A-level, and IB courses.  However, our tutors are also experienced in catering for other curricula, such as the SAT Reasoning Test, SAT Subject Test, AP, Australian HSC, and others.


Below is a list of subjects and the tutors that are available to teach them: 


On-line and Face-to-face


Mathematics (including Additional, Pure, Applied, and Further) - Cecilia Foo and Dr. Jenkins Tsang

Biology - Dr. Jenkins Tsang

Chemistry - Dr. Jenkins Tsang

Physics - Dr. Jenkins Tsang and Dr. Andy Parsons

English Language and Literature - Dr. Mark Ellwood

History - Dr. Mark Ellwood

IELTS Preparation - Dr. Mark Ellwood

Spanish - Ms. Ludovica Ricci

French - Ms. Ludovica Ricci

On-line only

Classical Civilisation - Adam Reekie / Dr. Apisake Monthienvichienchai

English Language - Annabel Williams

English Literature - Annabel Williams / Dr. Apisake Monthienvichienchai

History - Dr. Apisake Monthienvichienchai

Latin - Adam Reekie

Mandarin Chinese - Ms. Juliana Ma

Theory of Knowledge (IB) - Dr. Apisake Monthienvichienchai

Further details on the background of our tutors can be found in the "Our Tutors" section of this website.


Our rates are dependent on the level of the course that is being tutored.  Please contact us for the latest information on our hourly rates.

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