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External Links and Resources

Please find below a list of links and resources that may be useful for further information or exam preparations.  Please bear in mind that Akademia will not be held responsible for the content of external sites.

Sample Glossaries

Sample glossary and terminology list, IB Physics, measurements, uncertainties and kinematics

Sample notes, IB Chemistry, Option B Biochemistry

Sample equation list, CIE IGCSE Physics, kinematics

Sample review course material, IB Physics, measurements and uncertainties

Sample notes written during online lesson, Maths, IB HL, remainder theorem

Sample notes, Maths, IB HL, 3 equations in 3 unknowns

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Our current and past students have attended the following local IB, IGCSE and International A-level schools:


Canadian International School (CDNIS):

Chinese International School:

Diocesan Boy's School:

Diocesan Girl's School:

French International School:

German Swiss International School (GSIS):

Harrow International School, Hong Kong:

Hong Kong International School:

Island School:

ISF Academy:

Kiangsu-Chekiang College (International Section):

Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School (保良局蔡繼有學校):

Singapore International School:

South Island School:

St. Paul's Convent School:

Victoria Shanghai Academy:

West Island School:


UK University and boarding schools 


King's College London


Ardingly College

Badminton School

Benenden School

Brighton School

Bradford School

Tonbridge school

Taunton School

Wellington College

Whitgift School

Winchester College

Worth School


US boarding schools


Milton Academy

Proctor Academy

Hill School

Deerfield Academy

Examination Boards

These pages offer official syllabuses, past examination papers, and mark schemes for download:


Cambridge IGCSE official website:

Cambridge Pre-U official website:


Edexcel A-level official website:

Edexcel IGCSE official website:


AQA official website:


OCR official website:


International Baccalaureate official website:


Collegeboard AP official website:

Collegeboard SAT official website:


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